Why Not to Use Free Hosting

If you are really serious about building your profitable niche website and spend the time to get it perfect and up and running; you will definitely not want to use a free hosting platform, as tempting as it may sound.

Here are the disadvantages of free web hosting:

  • You will not own your site. You have no control over your website and the hosting company can delete your site for no reason and without even advising you.
  • When you use free hosting, they can add banners and ads to your site in order to profit themselves, and again, you have no control over this.
  • You are losing credibility, basically you are telling the world that you are cheap. It will cost you less than $10 a month for hosting and you will have a website that reads mywebsite.com instead of mywebsite.freesite.com
  • Search engines will not like your site as much if it comes from a free hosting platform and that can affect your bottom line.
  • Using a free site, you will be limited to design templates and the overall appearance of your site.
  • You get what you pay for or not pay for; a good webhost will provide support and reliability.
  • Free webhosting platforms are known to go down and lack speed and uptime.


Start off right and get a reliable and dependable, full-service web hosting platform. I highly recommend InMotion, they not have fantastic customer support but they are also one the biggest web hosting companies worldwide. They are great for individual people who just want to have a blog or even large businesses who need top-of-the-line web hosting. They are an independent company, unlike many other web hosting companies which are made up of a holding company owned and operated by Endurance International. Also, they emphasize their focus on helping out first-time website owners and small websites starting off. So if you are serious about building your profitable niche website, it is worth checking out InMotion for your domain and hosting needs.


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