The Importance of Links


There are many strategies for SEO and everyone has different methods for search engine optimization. You should take into consideration the key strategy, finding and building consistent links. This is the most suggested strategy even if you do not have any SEO experience, definitely apply this one. Linking relevant sites to your website provides you with link popularity and this means other people are interested and like your website. The internet is like a big popularity contest, the most popular sites are always at the top and shared by many people. For SEO purpose the best thing is to link to quality sites, do not just link to any ordinary site that provides you with a link exchange. If your links are from quality sites with high page rankings, in a short time your page will improve in ranking.

What is a Quality Link?

There are several factors to look for in distinguishing a quality link:

  • What page does it come up in a search?
  • Is it comparable to your niche business?
  • Is the content of high quality?
  • Would you recommend this website to others?

Benefits Sharing Your Link:

  • Increase website traffic.
  • Appear in organic searches.
  • Save on advertising.

The Power of 3:

After you build you website, you will want to create three mini-blogs related to your website, and you will want to create them on, & All three of these sites are high authority sites that Google happens to love and they are all free. All you need to do is write 4-5 high quality articles of unique content for topics related to your niche for each of these mini blogs. Direct the readers back to your website by inserting your website URL. Doing this will create quality backlinks for your site and direct traffic to your main site.

Links require dedication of your time, in the end they pay off. You must find the right website to link to and you must take the time to improve your rankings on search engines.



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