Social Bookmarking


Social bookmarking is when a person organizes and shares their favorite website through bookmarking; and the URLs of these websites become bookmarked. Blogs, content, videos and articles can all be social bookmarked and gain exposure and rankings. This is a great SEO strategy that has become very popular because it builds powerful backlinks to your site which are crucial in building traffic for your site. Social bookmarking can be done by signing up with social bookmarking website. After signing up, login in and bookmark all your favorite websites and you can add as many websites as you want. Social bookmarking is a method that became a popular strategy after link building, article submitting, blog commenting and Press Releases. Social bookmarking has been very successful and provides advanced link building strategies. Search engines take a few weeks or sometime more to index a new website. Through social bookmarking your website immediately gets indexed.

Social Bookmarking Benefits

When starting a new website, you will need to promote your site quickly, therefore social bookmarking should be at the top of your list for SEO. Link your bookmarked sites in categories relevant to your category. Search engines use algorithms and crawling spiders to decide the content source and its relevancy. Your sites entire content is checked and crawled by engine spiders and engine algorithms process the entire content for classification and Page Rankings.

15 Social Bookmarking Websites

  1. BibSonomy

  2. CiteULike

  3. Delicious

  4. Digg

  5. Diigo

  6. Newsvine

  7. Pearltrees

  8. Pinboard

  9. Pinterest

  10. Pocket

  11. SiteBar

  12. Reddit

  13. Stumble Upon

  14. WeHeartIt

  15. XMarks


If your website gets ranked and bookmarked many times in any social bookmarking website, there is no doubt that it will improve in search rankings. Google is the leading search engine and highly recognizes social bookmark rankings. If your site has great social bookmarking ranking it will also get good page ranking and you will be able to crawl your way to the top of Google.

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