Reasons Why Articles Get Rejected


When submitting articles to an online directory through your article marketing campaign, you should be aware that they will not publish your article for their website unless it is unique, high quality content which educates the reader and answers the readers’ questions.

If most or all of your articles submitted are being rejected, then you might want to look into some reasons why you are not getting published. Maybe you need to reevaluate your writing format.

Poor Content

If you want to write articles then you must write content that people are interested in or are doing searches for. You need to be able to provide a solution to a problem an individual is having and is seeking answers for. Articles that tactic an old problem in a different way also work well, the idea if not necessarily to come up with a whole new concept that no one ever thought about.

Include Your Personality

Add your own personality to your content, make it entertaining, fun to read and of course, informative. Use your wittiness and sense of humor, most people will appreciate that. The reader will feel like they are actually engaging with someone, rather than feeling like they’re reading a boring textbook.

Write For Your Reader

Don’t write about an article about The Benefits of Juicing and then submit it to a blog about Political Science- that just won’t work.

The Size of Your Article

Size matters- when it comes to article marketing. You don’t want it to be too short because it will sound like you didn’t know enough of the topic to be able to write about it. At the same time, you don’t want to write too much, where most of your information will be repetitive and you will lose the interest of the reader.

Break It Up

Don’t be afraid of using paragraphs, you do not want to have one or two long chunks of writing. Break it up, it is more interesting to read and keeps the readers attentions.

Spell Check

Spell check is free- use it. No one will publish your articles if they are filled with spelling and grammar mistakes. Take the time to review what you have written and edit your work.

No Affiliate Links

Do not add your affiliate links if the article. No one will want to publish your content if you are trying to make a buck out of it.

Resource Box

The resource box is not an advertising tool for you to advertise your website or your affiliate links. Write a reasonable description about yourself and your qualifications.

Write About Topics You Know

Do not write about subjects you don’t know about. Stick to what you know and give knowledgeable advice and tips.

Remember that an effective article always answers “How can this help me?” When submitting an article to a blog it must be beneficial content for the reader as well as the publisher. Your article must provide value to the topic in order to be published.

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