More on SEO

Everyone that wants to start an online business needs to understand the important of implementing SEO; without incorporating SEO into building your online business, you will never gain traffic or make any money online. I will explain to you the basic of SEO to get you started and making money online.

Basically, SEO is a way to get your site at the top of the search engines. For example, if you have a site about ‘Beard Care’ and you want it at the top of Google, then SEO is the way to do it. If you get your site at the top of Google then you could expect a ton of visitors and sales every day. Of course, you can get visitors by posting on social media networks, but with Google, you’re getting your site viewed by potential buyers searching for your exact product or service. If people see a random post on Facebook for example, they might find it interesting but most chances are that they just are not ready to buy; they are not direct buyers.

To get on the first page of Google, there are 2 important steps to take:

  1. Have your keywords that you are looking to rank with for your niche site.

For example, if you want a site for ‘beard care’, then beard care would be your keyword. Get your keywords in your title, in your description and also in your image descriptions. Google will scan your site for keywords and if it shows up several times, Google will consider your site to be related to the keyword you used. Remember, not to overdo it when using your keywords; if you add it too often, your content will not sound natural and Google will flag your site as being spam.

  1. You must have other quality sites linking to your site.

Get high quality, authoritative sites to link to your site. Google scans every page on the internet and scans for all the links on the page and when they see that your site is linked to a high quality site, then Google will give you extra ranking; this process is known as creating backlinks. The more backlinks you have, the better your ranking, the more you get traffic and the more money you make. Make sure they are high quality sites and have been around for a while. Quality over Quantity! You are able to out-rank websites who have many more backlinks than you do just based on the quality of your backlinks. So you really don’t need to spend so much of your time making hundreds and hundreds of backlinks of low quality, choose them wisely.

As well, sign up to forums related to your topic, it’s free to sign up and you can post your links. Link to a page that has many other pages linked to it and include the link to your website. You should interact with the forum by making posts because that way, your profile will get linked to other people’s profile and also choose posts that have many other posts to them. There is no need for fancy, expensive software to build links which promise to take you to the top of Google, you will just be wasting your money. Instead, keep it simple and use the guidelines I have provided.