Blog Commenting


Blogging has become extremely popular, such that it now makes up a large share of internet content. It’s no wonder why website owners make use of this tool to generate direct web traffic to promote valuable backlinks for SEO purposes. But before you get into blog commenting there are some important aspects that you must consider.

What to Look For

First, consider the relevance of your website to the blog you are commenting on. If you own a website that provides content on low-sodium cooking, then there is no point in commenting on a blog about wedding planning. Not only will you be unlikely to generate targeted traffic but it will not help to improve your ranking with the search engines.

Next to consider is to focus on commenting on popular, authoritative blogs. For SEO purposes, the blog you are commenting on should be both DoFollow and should hold a high Google Page Rank. To generate immediate traffic to your site, it is helpful for you to identify how many people visit the blog and how many followers does it have? You can also check the site’s Alexa ranking?

Interacting With the Blog

Once you have identified which blogs you want to comment on, it is critical to think about how you will interact with that particular blog. The main rule of thumb is that you should never promote your site by solely relying on the field provided for entering your profile and website address. You need actual, helpful and relevant comments to the post you are commenting on and be able to add to the discussion in a useful way. Some people will make one comment and use the same comment for on a number of blogs and posts; that strategy will not work.

To be effective at blog commenting, you must make regular comments on different blogs and write good quality comments that offer insight into the topic. Doing this will make you an authority figure on the blog. Good comments will allow people to take you more seriously and will want to know more of what you have to say and they will click on your link.

By following these steps mentioned in this article, blog commenting will become an important part of your overall website traffic generating strategy. It will help build useful SEO backlinks for your website and generate clicks to your website.

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