Article Marketing

Marketing your website doesn’t have to be high-cost, there are ways to go about digital marketing which do not cost a thing, such as article marketing. One of the most effective method of pointing traffic to your website is by making use of article directories which let you post articles free of charge; article writing is very powerful and allows you to direct the traffic back to your site. You will need to write unique content of approximately 400-500 words which provide solutions to people for whatever ‘problem’ they are looking to resolve; your articles should be based on topics related to your niche as well as, your keywords.

Here is the concept:

  • Write a high quality article
  • Submit your article with your webpage link
  • Readers want to know more and click on your link

If article writing is not for you or you don’t have the time do write, that’s not problem, because you can outsource the writing by going to Fiverr and have someone write you an article for as low as $5.

Besides providing valuable information to visitors, your articles may be used by other websites; they are permitted to use your article on their website by including your URL; and hence increases your traffic. Article directories permit unlimited exposure to your articles (and your website), and every time your article is posted on another site it creates powerful backlinks to your site. This is how you gain added exposure and increase your site’s ranking with search engines. The more articles you submit, the more traffic you will drive to your website and the more backlinks you will build.

The 7 most reputable article directories are:

How to Write Your Articles

  1. Unique Content

For article marketing to be effective you want your articles to be unique and original; do not try to rewrite articles that have already been posted. So, you’re your time to write original and high quality articles in order to successfully drive traffic to your site for years to come. When it comes to writing articles, I do all my own writing 99 percent of the time, because I enjoy writing, but there have been times where I needed content quickly so I decided to outsource it to Fiverr and there is nothing wrong with that because they provide high quality content in a short turnaround time.

  1. Provide Excellent Content

You want to make sure that your articles provide excellent content; provide the reader with answers. You want the reader to be satisfied and want to know more and to do that they will visit your website.

  1. Informative Resource Box

When it comes to promoting your website and its products with article marketing, you need to provide informative information in your resource box; this information is how you will drive traffic to your website. Put some effort and time in writing great content for your resource box, this will pay off in the end.