Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a Domain Name


Are you wondering what to name your domain? There are 8 elements to consider before choosing a domain name.

1- Purpose of your Site

Before getting a domain name, you should have a plan; you should know what the purpose and objective of having your website. Do you want a website to advertise your business or do you want it as a hobbies?

2- Dot Com

You will want to choose the best level domain such as, dot com (.com) unless you need it to end for a specific country or a specific organizational structure for example dot edu (.edu). If you need a domain to redirect as a specific url, then purchase a domain with dot info (.info) because it serves the purpose well and it will be cheaper than dot com.

3- Hyphens

You want to avoid hyphens in your domain name, it makes it easy to misspell.

4- Length of Domain Name

Your domain name must be short, simple, and easy to remember. The reason to this is you want people to spell it correctly and remember your domain name. The longer the name, the easier it is to misspell it.

5- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do your research using keywords for your domain name and try to add keywords in your domain name because it effects search engine ranking. The targeted keywords used in your domain name can increase traffic to your site.

6- Targeted Audience

What kind of audience do you intend to attract your internet business to? Is it a younger crowd, internet marketers, tech savvy people, and so on? Attract your audience by setting the right tone.

7- Trademark

Before registering your domain name, do research to make sure you do not use a trademark name.

8- Branding

You can use your real name as your domain name, but it is going to take a lot of effort in branding your blog because people do not know who you are and you will have a lot of marketing to do in order to get known.

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